Mist is an open-world, Action Role Playing Game with a dynamic combat style that is unique in the world of MMOs. Collect NFTs, battle epic monsters, and explore infinite immersive environments in this blockchain-based NFT Action RPG.

The Mist Gameverse Framework

  • Open-World MMORPG: The Adventure is Yours
  • 2 Factions, 8 Character Races, and 9 Character Classes
  • NFT Land and Item Ownership
  • Revolutionizing Play-To-Earn

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The Clan


Throughout Midirim, the Mice are known as swashbuckling pirates, and gamblers with a passion for gold. The Mouse always leaves his opponents uneasy. Clever tricksters, you can always expect a Mouse to find the upper hand in any situation. Don't let their size fool you - a Mouse will use his small stature and high speed to leave any enemy begging for mercy. The Mouse tend to look out for himself, leading to possible riches and success. But it also can leave the Mouse alone, and without friends. The Mouse values intelligence and creativity.

Surprise Critical attacks stun target 0.5 secs
Fast Fingers Daggers and bows attack 10% faster
Sneaky Fellow Attacks against him always have a +1% chance to miss

Escape Artist Break out of a stun or slow
Catch Me If You Can Jump 5 meters ahead

The Clan


A Rhino's unspoken motto is, "Don’t bother me and I won’t bother you". As gentle giants looking to live a life of peace, Rhinos tend to avoid conflict when possible. But if provoked the Rhino attacks with force and fury. Rhinos are a simple race who prefer spending time in nature instead of modernity. This can lead to laziness and lack of progress in Rhino society. Rhinos value peace and independence.

Thick Skin Defense gained from items increased by 2%
Size Matters Can dual wield 2-handed weapons
Sweeping Strikes Has +30% larger melee attack range

Belly Bump Belly bumps an enemy, pushing them back 10 yards
Horn Attack Charges at an enemy, stunning them for 3 seconds

The Clan


A misunderstood and ancient race focused on the spiritual and shadow arts. Elves are cunning, extremely intelligent, and vicious strategists. Much of their time is devoted to the energetic arts, the strategy of combat, and weapon skills. All over Midirim, Elves are known for their discipline and highly-effective battle and combat strategy. They mix academics, discipline, and desire for power to make fearful armies. This discipline may also cause them to be heartless and unnecessarily violent. Elves value discipline and success.

Poison Daggers and Swords 0.5% chance to slow enemy by 10% 2 secs
Sweet Spot 10% higher chance to crit (all attacks and heals)
Dark Focus His ranged and spells have 10% larger hitbox

Vampiric Essence The next 5 spells drain 2% of opponent's mana and heal elf
Night's Child Go invisible for 60 seconds or until you attack/get hit

The Clan


For some Orcs fighting is a necessary ritual to fullfil their life purpose. In Life, an Orc desires to be victorious against his enemy on the field of battle. In death, an Orc desires to die on the battlefield, charging ahead with his weapon in hand. Orcs honor and remember their great warriors. The Orc's focus on honorable combat can lead him to be outsmarted or deceived by his enemy. Orcs value honor and bravery.

Bloodlust Each attack increases damage 2% stacks 5x. lasts 10 secs/refresh
Toughness For every % health is under 35%, deal 1% more damage
Hard Hitter Critical hits deal 15% more damage than normal

Death Stare Silences an enemy, preventing spellcasting 3 seconds
Head Smash Causes enemy to be unable to auto attack for 3 seconds

The Broken Order


Lions are a protective, respectful, and decisive race. A true lion must be able and willing to take action when necessary. In Lion society, respect is earned through a successful hunt- properly planned and executed. Lions live in their own prides and rarely interact with outsiders. They are territorial and willing to fight to protect their territory and their own. As a result of their dislike of outsiders, Lions may make enemies where it is not necessary. Lions value protection and family.

King of the Jungle 5% more damage against other animals or beasts
Stalker 5% higher movement speed
Ambush Deal 15% more damage if attacking from behind

Vicious Claw slow an enemy by 25% for 4 seconds
On the Prowl Increase movement and attack speed by 25% for 5 seconds

The Broken Order


Fallen have a complicated origin. They were once people, who were infused with ancient energy by no choice of their own. They are physical beings, whose bodies are in tune with the energy in the universe. Their skin color has been permanently changed, but the Fallen are no less physical beings than anyone else. They share the same emotions, soul, and spirit as all other inhabitants. Fallen are always curious, and always searching for knowledge. They will stop at nothing to find truth - whether that means taking lives, or losing their own. Fallen value knowledge and truth.

Mind Melt Critical strikes silence the enemy for 1 second
Ascended Master 15% reduced mana costs
Energy Rift All cooldowns reset when you fall below 50% health (2min cd)

Astral Project Teleport 5meters in a random direction
Make A Wish If health or mana is lower, heal 15% of it

The Broken Order


Dwarves are a tough, hearty race that values creativity and persistence. A dwarf will be happy to smile and shake your hand, but if you make them angry, watch out! They value a nice pint of ale with their mates, while telling (and exaggerating) stories of their battles, successes, and adventures. Dwarves are strong and goodhearted, but that same goodheartedness can allow them to be taken advantage of. Dwarves value honesty and friendship.

Team Player If heal target has less health than dwarf, heal 10% more
Lightning Strikes Twice Every 10th attack deal extra 100% damage
Underdog If enemy has more % health than the dwarf, deal 10% more damage

Thor's Hammer The Dwarf throws his weapon, dealing melee attack damage from a range of 10 meters
Beer Armor Damage taken reduced by 30%, Movement speed reduced by 40% for 5 secs

The Broken Order


An ambitious race that achieves so much in their limited lifespans. Humans have immense spirit and optimism which leads them to rise up in the face of adversity. Humans are leaders, motivators, and unwilling to give up. They aim to progress society to help everyone get ahead. However this desire for progress can lead to them overstepping boundaries and imposing their desires on others who may not have the same views. Humans value duty and responsibility.

Quick Learner Earn 1% more exp
Will to Survive for every % health is under 40%, take 1% less damage
Think Fast All cooldowns reduced by 30%

Inspiring Speech gives speech, increasing damage and healing by 10% to everyone
Word of Mouth the next 5 heals do AOE healing 50% of the amount to all friends nearby


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