Adventurers explore the world seeking treasure and excelling in combat. Known for their evasion and crowd control abilities. They have tools to succeed in any situation, in and out of combat.

Role: Damage, Support

Sharpened Strike You attack your target, dealing 150% physical damage and 150% physical damage over 12 seconds.
Measure Twice, Cut Once You prepare your next ability or attack, allowing it to deal double damage.
Whiplash You whip your target, dealing 130% physical damage and stunning them for 2 seconds.
Well Travelled You are well travelled and have seen much. This allows you to dodge the next 2 attacks or abilities.
Huge Lasso You cast a huge lasso rope at an area dealing 130% physical damage and and pulling all enemies to you. 3 meter radius.
adventurer - Mist Metaverse