Witch Hunter: Assassins who specialize in the art of deception, poison, and trickery. Known for vicious accuracy and mind-melting trickery.

Role: Damage

Diseased Dagger You strike with a diseased dagger, dealing 160% physical damage to your opponent, and 100% physical damage over 6 seconds.
Cloak You hide under your cloak, becoming invisible and slowing your movement speed by 50%. Your next attack deals 60% more damage. Lasts until cancelled, until an ability is used, or damage is taken.
Potion of Silence You throw a potion of silence at your target, preventing all ability use for 3 seconds. 1 second cast.
Cluster Bomb You toss a cluster bomb, dealing 130% physical damage and 45% physical damage per second for 3 seconds. 2 second cast. 3 yard radius.
Blinding Dust You throw blinding dust in the area, blinding all enemies for 4 seconds. 2 second cast. 4 meter radius.
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