Ranger: Sharpshooters who shoot to kill. A ranger can render an opponent useless with his shots, traps, and tactics. Rangers are able to use pets in combat, and can wield guns and bows.

Role: Damage

Aimed shot You take aim carefully, launching a precise shot. Deals 120% ranged damage. 1 second cast.
Spread Shot You launch a spread of projectiles in a cone in front of you, dealing 60% ranged damage to all enemies. 1.5 second cast.
Bear Trap You place a bear trap on the ground, stunning any enemy who steps on it for 3 seconds, and dealing 130% ranged damage over 8 seconds.
Heavy Artillery You use a powerful shot dealing 50% ranged damage, pushing your target back 6 yards and stunning them for 1 second. 2 second cast.
Rapid Fire You unleash a flurry of shots at your target, increasing your auto attack speed by 30% for 10 seconds.
ranger - Mist Metaverse