Bloodthirsty berserkers charge headfirst into battle. Using various weapons they inflict horrendous damage on enemies. Heavy armor protects them from damage.

Role: Tank, Damage

Spinning Blades You viciously spin around with your weapon(s), dealing 140% physical damage to all enemies within 2 yards.
Mortal Strike You find a weak spot in your opponent's armor, striking it and causing them to bleed for 150% physical damage over 8 seconds.
Charge You charge into battle, and run to an enemy within 9 yards.
Raging Voice You release a powerful shout, sending fear into your target and stunning them for 3 seconds. 1 second cast.
To the Death You challenge your enemies, causing a 3 meter radius wall to appear preventing anyone from entering or exiting for 4 seconds.
berserker - Mist Metaverse