Priest: Priests channel light energy to heal and support their teammates, while corrupting and exorcising their enemies. Their divine connections help their teammates stay alive and protected.

Role: Support

Curse You cast a curse on your target, dealing 180% spell damage over 9 seconds. 2 second cast.
Holy Light You provide holy connection to your target, healing for 150% spell damage. 2.5 second cast.
Bubble of Light You enclose your target in a bubble of holy light, absorbing 120% of spell damage from all damage. 1 second cast.
Mana Burn You weaken your enemy's spirit, removing 130% spell damage worth of mana from your target.
Divine Pulse You send pulses of holy energy out, healing all allies within 6 meters for 80% of spell damage per second, for 3 seconds.
priest - Mist Metaverse