MIST Whitepaper

Executive summary

Official Mist Whitepaper, last updated Agost 2021

Mist is a blockchain-based action RPG game centered around NFTs, Staking, and Farming.
Built with Unity using the in-house Mist NFT Game Framework (MNGF), the project offers players an immersive in-game environment with five playable character classes and countless spells, abilities, and environments.

In-game NFTs are obtained via rare monster drops and in-game events. The NFTs in Mist are not like the typical "collectible card" NFTs so common in crypto today. Instead, they are usable and functional NFTs that can be inserted into the Mist Game Framework and become special in-game items.
These NFTs can be bought or sold both in the in-game exchanges (auction houses) or in 3rd party NFT exchanges outside the game world.

Players can stake the in-game currency (the MIST native token) by purchasing or investing in in-game businesses, such as taverns, general stores, and more. By "staking" this way, players earn rewards as in-game businesses generate revenue.
Players can also farm by "purchasing" farmland, farms, or livestock. As your farms work, you receive rewards.

All of these elements are built and run on the Binance Smart Chain. Each function is intertwined with the blockchain, and the MIST in-game currency is creatively used for these functions.

Game Overview


Built on Unity with the MIST NFT Game Framework (MNGF)


Find, farm, and collect functional NFTs

  • NFTs such as epic weapons, fast mounts, and in-game pets
  • NFTs can be used in-game as functional items, and can be sold at in-game auction houses or on 3rd party exchanges outside the game world

Export and Import NFTs into and out of the grime

  • NFTs are useful in-game as powerful and rare items
  • They can be sold at the in-game auction house, as well as 3rd party
    marketplaces outside the game world

Five playable classes with unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses


Immersive farming and stalking systems for native token

  • No more boring staking and farming
  • "Invest" in in-game businesses makes money
  • Purchase in-game farmland, farms, and livestock to generate rewards
Mining Mist

MIST native Token is the main in-game currency

  • Fully integrated with the Binance Smart Chain and can be sent seamlessly from wallet to wallet inside and outside the game world
  • Can be obtained from killing mosters, completing quests, sellinh items, or purchases outside the game world


Mist is an open-world, Action Role Playing Game with a dynamic combat style that is unique in the world of MMOs.

Whether you love completing quest, raiding, player-versus-player battles, or just exploring a world full of possibilities, Mist has you covered.
Questing and raiding are fun, but there's nothing quite like defeating another player in a contest of pure skill. PvP in MMOs is a time-honored tradition that remains a pursuit for those with the iron will to master the mechanics of a game.

Mist honors the devotion of players by employing awesome combat systems that go above and beyond the basics, offering competitive-minded players a rewarding place to test their mettle.

Character Classes



Crusaders are tenacious warriors sworn to service in exchange for a share of their god’s celestial power. Self-righteous and stubborn, Crusaders use superior physical prowess and divine gifts to shield their kin from the influence of godless beasts and fight to reclaim control of sacred lands. Armed with devastating melee weapons and an unshakeable conviction, Crusaders charge fearlessly into battle with the knowledge that in death, their valor will be greatly rewarded.



Enchanters are gifted with natural psychic abilities and powerful, analytical minds. With dedication to honing their practice, they can be capable allies or deadly foes - depending on whether or not they deem you to be worthy of their companionship. Enchanters harness an impressive inventory of spells and illusions to manipulate the very fabric of reality and outsmart their opposition.



Equipped with profound ancestral knowledge, Rangers are skilled at harnessing the power of earthly divinity to manipulate the forces of nature. Rarely spotted beyond the bounds of the magical forests from which they hail, Rangers are never without their faithful but mysterious canine companions. These adept martial artists are experts at mastering new weapons and fighting styles, frequently changing their tactics to match their opponents in combat.



Shapeshifters are skilled alchemists who use the ancient knowledge of a long-forgotten civilization to craft potent elixirs that imbue them with the ferocity of the wild. Taking the form of cunning natural predators and unexpected critters alike, above all else, Shapeshifters are masters of gaining the upper hand in any situation. Shapeshifters use forceful multi-target attacks and savage melee abilities to dominate the battlefield.

Witch Hunter

Witch Hunter

Witch hunters are trained to track and destroy evil with chilling accuracy and relentless cruelty. Obsessed with eradication of the unnatural, these merciless assassins let nothing stand between them and their prey. Witch hunters go to great lengths to learn how to use their opponents’ abilities against them, combining powerful ranged attacks with artful defensive spells to ward off enemies.

NFTs Overview

The NFT tokens in Mist are extremely dynamic, useful, and functional in the in-game universe. While many NFTs currently in the crypto space are strictly collectibles or "artwork", the NFTs in the Mist NFT Framework serve multiple uses.

Players can transfer the NFT tokens out of the game universe and sell them or exchange them on 3rd party sites. However, the Mist NFTs serve functional purposes in the Mist universe.

Some NFTs are strong weapons that increase your attack damage or add special effects to your attacks. Other NFTs are defensive or wearable items that protect your character in special ways. Some are things like in-game pets that follow you around, or mounts that your character can ride to incrrease their movement speed.

The NFTs in Mist are much more than just collectibles - while they do look cool, they are also fully functional and beneficial to your character in-game.

NFTs can be bought or sold in the in-game auction houses in main cities. Here, you can either buy or sell your NFTs (for the in-game currency and MIST native token). Additionally, you can transfer your NFT out of the Mist game universe and sawp or exchange them on 3rd party platforms.

Token Use

The MIST native token will be used to purchase and swap for NFTs in-game and outside the game world. We foresee this being one of the main uses of the token. The in-game auction houses will allow players to list their NFTs for sale and swap them for the MIST native token.

Additionally, the MIST native token can be staked and used for farming outside the game universe. When users stake or use the token to farm, they will receive rewards.

The MIST token is connected to and synchronized with the Binance Smart Chain. As such, it can be easily, quickly, and cheaply sent from one wallet to another on the network. It can also be sent into and out of the Mist universe.

The primary use of the token is as the native in-game currency of the Mist universe. The currency is used to purchase items in-game, swap for NFTs, repair damaged items, purchase mounts, and more.

How to obtain tokens in-game

The in-game token is obtained in various ways
• Killing monsters
• Completing quests
• Selling items in-game
• Selling NFTs in-game
• Farming in-game (through buying in-game farm real estate)
• Staking in-game (through buying in-game businesses)
• Farming outside the game (on our website or partners’ websites)
• Staking outside the game (on our website or partners’ websites)
• Buying on an exchange and sending to your in-game character

Other tokens minded in-game (ore, wood, etc)

Characters can train a few skills and create in-game items such as swords, bows, and armor. In order to do this, they need raw materials such as wood and ore.

These raw materials can be obtained throughout the in-game world, and characters will train specific skills (such as mining, woodcutting, etc.) in order to collect these materials. Each material, when obtained, is linked to a custom BEP-20 token.

For example, each time a character mines ore in the game, they are rewarded with an “ore” BEP-20 token. These tokens can be bought and sold on exchanges, or exchanged with other players in-game.

Whenever these raw materials are used to create armor or train skills, the in-game item is consumed, and the BEP-20 token associated with the material is sent to the burn address.

Built on Unity

Arguably, the most important part of Unity is the ease of use. It allows us to synchronize game builds and code through Unity Teams Collaborate module. This is particularly important when working with an international team of developers trying to synchronize their progress despite working in different timezones. Unity's native language, C#, allows us to develop the network communication protocols necessary for Mist NFT Framework using a very powerful application framework library, .NET.

As opposed to Unreal engine, which inherently uses C++ or Blueprints, C# is a component-oriented programming language. By treating the in-game objects as components and in-game systems (such as inventory, spell, quest log, etc.) as behaviors, it allows us to really create something unique and coherent with the systems that exist in the real world.

The Mist NFT Framework aims to allow game developers to create and deploy multiplayer ARPGs that include systems such as:

• Inventory system that connects to BSC
• Ability system
• Quest system
• Zone system
• Weapon system
• Adjustable UI / SFX system
• NPC system
• Alignment system

Of course, all developed in a way that allows users to just drag and drop these scripts into the editor scene, without writing a single line of code. This is made possible through a very intricate series of polymorphisms and programming abstractions.

We are very much aware of the strengths and weaknesses of developing a framework that connects to BSC using C#. In order to provide a seamless blockchain connectivity, our framework consists of a Python SDK that runs on the server-side, allowing transactions to be routed into Binance Smart Chain with each user's account information securely forwarded to the smart contracts responsible for farming, mining, and NFT rewards.


  • Base Game Design Complete

    Token integrations between game environment and blockchain complete

    Testnet of blockchain features begins

  • IDO

    Public Launch

    Staking and Farming Live on site and partners

    NFTs available on Mist and various marketplaces

  • NFT Storefront Partnership

    MIST Native 3D Immersive NFT Marketplace goes live

    Steam Store Reveal in Early September

    Closed demo tester selection begins

  • Closed demo begins

  • Framework Development

  • Game Goes Live (Exact Date depends on Closed Demo performance)


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