Month of Mist — Recap

Month of Mist — Recap

30 days. 35 updates. A full month of sharing with you, and getting feedback from you.

Today marks the last day of the Month of Mist! However, do not worry, as this is just a beginning for Mist!

We would like to say a big thank you to our community following us through this month. In this month, we presented information about or in-game races, classes, in-game economy and systems. There have been many questions regarding the details for Mist, and we have answered these questions with great pleasure. We certainly enjoy explaining the game and telling its story. However, after May 9th (Pre-Alpha launch date), we can finally show the first stage of our pre-alpha to our lovely community.

It will be the beginning of a new era, where the chosen players finally will be able to experience the universe of Mist for themselves. We are as excited as can be and looking forward to hosting our lovely community in game.

There is nothing we enjoy more than showing our work to the community and getting their feedback to improve Mist.

What have we unveiled this month?

  • Earning System:

Players in Mist Metaverse will be able to farm, mine, trade and fight to earn in game. We aim to bring a true play to earn experience to the blockchain.

Improvements in Graphics:


We have shared that our Dev team is implementing RTX-HDRP graphics pipeline.

Although our initial release will have lower settings (so players can run the game), but in the future RTX-HDRP will be available for higher end machines.

Gameplay Videos:

  • 3 new Classes for a more balanced game: Bard, Priest and Berserker
  • The Guild System:
    For maximizing the in-game interactions and strategy.
    Social Gaming meets Social Earning
  • The Scholarship system:

NFT holders will be able to sponsor multiple “scholars”. These scholars will be able to earn in-game, while a percentage of their earnings go to the owner of the NFT. The higher the NFT tier, the more scholars can work under it.

  • The Death System:

A death penalty, simply put, gives the player the responsibility to manage their assets more intelligently. If a player is not smart, they may give other players the chance to loot their dead body and take some of their tokens or items. This death penalty will NOT be in every death situation. It will be in very specific, warned types of combat or areas. These dangerous areas are called “Danger Zones”.

  • The Mining Skill:
    Mining crystals, rocks and in-game resources to be able to craft and own these assets.


As you have seen this month, our team is aiming each day to bring a better game experience for our community. We are here doing what we enjoy and, we appreciate all the support from each member of Mist family.

In the next few weeks stay tune to find out more about the improvements to come!

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