Race abilities : The Dwarves

Race abilities : The Dwarves

This week we deep dive into the Dwarven character race.

Selecting the race is one of the most important decision that a player can make. The reason this selection is important is not only for the lore elements that makes a race, but also for the adjustment players need to make whilst playing each race as a character. Some races will not be able to select certain classes. On top of this there are added abilities each race possess.

Here in this article we will dive more into the Dwarven Race to understand who Dwarves are, what their abilities are as well as their personality.

Dwarves are a tough, hearty race that values creativity and persistence. A dwarf will be happy to smile and shake your hand, but if you make them angry, watch out!

They value a nice pint of ale with their mates, while telling (and exaggerating) stories of their battles, successes, and adventures. Dwarves are strong and goodhearted, but that same good-heartedness can allow them to be taken advantage of.

Dwarves value honesty and friendship above all else.

What are the unique Dwarven gameplay features?

(These abilities are subject to change as we balance game mechanics and skills)

Ability 1: Team Player:
Passive ability. When healing a target, a Dwarf will heal 10% more if the target has less health than the dwarf.

Ability 2: Lightning Strikes Twice:
Passive ability. Every 10th attack or ability does double damage.

Ability 3: Underdog:
Passive Ability. If the enemy has more % health than the Dwarf, the Dwarf does 10% more damage.

Ability 4: Mjolnir:
The Dwarf throws his weapon, dealing regular melee attack damage at a distance of 10 meters.

Ability 5: Beer Armor:
Damage taken reduced by 30%, movement speed reduced by 40% for 5 seconds.

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