Race Abilities: Fallen

Race Abilities: Fallen

This week we deep dive into the Fallen character race.

Selecting the race is one of the most important decision that a player can make. The reason this selection is important is not only for the lore elements that makes a race, but also for the adjustment players need to make whilst playing each race as a character. Some races will not be able to select certain classes. On top of this there are added abilities each race possess.

Here in this article we will dive more into the Fallen Race to understand who Fallen are, what their abilities are as well as their personality.

No one knows the true origin of Fallen, not even the Fallen themselves. However we do know they are ethereal beings, half physical body, half energetic body. Being able to cross planes and see the secrets of the universe gives them a different understanding of what “Living” is.

Fallen are always curious, and always searching for knowledge. They will stop at nothing to find truth — whether that means taking lives, or losing their own. Fallen value knowledge and truth.

What are the unique Fallen gameplay features?

(These abilities are subject to change as we balance game mechanics and skills)

Ability 1: Mind Melt:
Passive ability. When a Fallen deals a critical strike on an enemy, the enemy is silenced for 1 second. This can help the Fallen’s effectiveness against other casters.

Ability 2: Ascended Master:
Passive ability. The Fallen has 15% reduced mana cost on all spells and abilities.

Ability 3: Energy Rift:
Passive Ability. When the Fallen drops below 50% health, all of his cooldowns are reset. There is a 2 minute cooldown on this.

Ability 4: Astral Project:
The Fallen teleports 5 meters in a random direction. This helps him avoid (or get into) trouble.

Ability 5: Make-A-Wish
This instantly heals 15% health or 15% mana (whichever is lower).

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