Introducing MistNFT’s Revolutionary 3D NFT Marketplace System

Introducing MistNFT’s Revolutionary 3D NFT Marketplace System

Mist’s immersive, 3D, virtual NFT marketplace will be live on August 6th at 2pm UTC.

You will take your first steps into the Mist universe, and be able to purchase NFT items in a revolutionary 3D, immersive storefront. Pets, weapons, armor, mounts, and more.

^^^^ Check out the official Mist 3D NFT Marketplace trailer ^^^^

No more boring NFT “catalogue” marketplaces. Welcome to a revolutionary, fully immersive, 3D, in-game NFT marketplace in crypto.

Note: More info on the NFT Marketplace, including in-game controls, pricing, connectivity, and more will be available in the next few days.

More details in our Discord:

Marketplace Accessibility

The Mist Marketplace is built to be fully accessible via a web page, browser game style — no heavy PC build requirements!

Reminiscent of Real Gameplay


Not only will this world serve as NFT Marketplace, but this world will also gives players an introduction to Mist gameplay. This is an opportunity for players to test out the in-game controls!


NFT Levels and Power-ups

Players can use $MIST to level-up their NFTs. Combining two NFTs of the same level, and $MIST, the players can obtain a higher level NFT of the same type.


More Info on how MistNFT’s Immersive 3D NFT Marketplace works: