Enchanter: Class Abilities

Enchanter: Class Abilities

The Enchanter

Enchanters are lifelong learners and practitioners of magic. They have been known to devastate their enemies with magical enchantments they cast on items or directly to their foe.

Enchanters seek all kinds of magic across all corners of Midirim. For this reason they can be seen around ancient libraries, texts or artefacts to learn the mathematical secrets of the universe.

Enchanters do have different schools. They follow a master- apprentice type of learning structure within these schools. However, it has been known that some enchanters dislike this idea and take things into their own hands to discover the magical secrets of universe.

Some believe that in order to access magic, one needs to come from a certain bloodline. However, this has not been proven.

An enchanter in the development team’s asset testing environment.

Enchanter Abilities


You call on the elements of frost, casting an icebolt at your target dealing 175% spell damage and slowing them by 25% for 3 seconds. 2 second cast.

You call on the elements of fire, casting a firebolt at your target dealing 190% spell damage and an extra 100% spell damage over 8 seconds. 2.5 second cast.

You call on the elements of air, causing a tornado, pulling enemies to the center of the tornado and dealing 40% spell damage per second for 6 seconds to enemies in the area. Channeled spell. 4 meter radius.

You call on the elements of lightning, stunning enemies for 2 seconds and causing 45% spell damage per second for 4 seconds. Channeled spell. 6 meter radius.

Energy Transfer
You siphon and transfer energy from your target, dealing 100% spell damage over 8 seconds, healing you for the same amount. 2 second cast.

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