Crusader: Class Abilities

Crusader: Class Abilities

This week in Month of Mist will be about the classes. The first class we are introducing is our Crusader.

Crusaders are devout warriors of faith. They are highly skilled, armored with their willpower and faith. They fight for what they believe in and hold their duty as paramount. Due to their beliefs, they can’t escape duty, if they do they are disgraced and removed from the Crusader order. If they see someone in need of help, they simply have to go above and beyond to defend the oppressed. In Midirim there are different type of Crusaders and beliefs.

However, the most common Crusader order has been established thousands of years ago in the temple of Nemaru. Since then Crusaders have dedicated their lives for their purpose and learned from their masters. For them, dying whilst trying to accomplish their duty, is the most virtuous thing a Crusader can do.

Class Abilities

Ability 1: Holy Strike
You imbue your weapon with holy power, dealing 50% more damage on your next auto attack.

Ability 2: Judgement
You strike your target with holy damage, dealing 100% of your spell damage.

Ability 3: Holy Ground
You sanctify the ground around you, dealing 150% base physical damage to all enemies within 3 meters, and healing yourself and all allies within 3 meters for the same amount. 2.5 second cast.

Ability 4: Divine Protection
You call on the divine to bless you with protection, reducing physical damage taken by 35% for 6 seconds.

Ability 5: Sacrifice
You sacrifice yourself for your ally, swapping positions with them. 10 meter radius.

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