Bard: Class Abilities

Bard: Class Abilities

The Bard.

Masters of vibration, melody, and charisma. Bards heal and energize their teammates, while rendering their opponents useless with the power of melody.

A Bard has a presence when he walks into a room. All eyes turn and stare. He has charisma oozing from him, and can woo even his biggest opponents with his talented small talk. He attracts the positive attention of all around him.

His voice is famous around the world, granting abilities to soothe and heal his teammates, or manipulate his enemies. A Bard trains from a young age to perfect his art.

A Bard is a welcome part of any group. He heals his teammates’ wounds and also reduces his enemies’ ability to deal damage.

Many of a Bard’s abilities have 2 types of effects; One effect when casted on a teammate, and a different effect when cast on an enemy. Because of this Bards are very diverse support class.


Bard Abilities

Support, CC

Melody of Madness
You play a maddening melody which gets stuck in your target’s head. Deals 180% spell damage over 10 seconds.

Heroic Song
You sing a heroic song, increasing your targets damage by 20%. If cast on an enemy, reduces their damage by 20%. Lasts 15 seconds.

Soothing Voice
You play a soothing tone, healing your target for 120% of spell power. If cast on a deceased ally, brigs them back to life with 10% health.

Frequency Shift
You If cast on an ally, increases movement speed by 30% for 4 seconds. If cast on an enemy, slows by 30% for 4 seconds.

Irresistible Dance
You produce an attractive melody concert to everyone around you, making your enemies within 10 yards to start dancing. However, if the enemy is attacked, they break out of the trance.

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