The Fallen: Character Race #3 of 8

The Fallen: Character Race #3 of 8

8 races.

2 factions.

6 classes.

Important decisions.

Over the next weeks we will release info on the 8 playable races in Mist’s metaverse. As we get closer to the Demo date, we will release more Lore and history of the races.

Each race is distinct, with special abilities, special strengths, and weaknesses. Each race has 2 genders, male and female.

The race you choose will determine your gameplay style. It will determine your friendships. It will determine your personality, and persona in-game.

This week we will highlight The Fallen.

Fallen are the third race we want to share with you. After weeks of development, fine-tuning, re-designing, and re-animating the Fallen is ready to go.

The Fallen are a race which have made difficult, but important decisions regarding their souls and their mortality. We will elaborate further on this later.

The Fallen has increased spell/healing power and reduced mana costs for abilities. They also have special “wish granting” abilities which can replenish health or mana, along with other special racial abilities.

The Fallen was a special race to make, because it consisted of two main parts. The first part was the upper body, which resembles a humanoid.

The lower part was more specific, as it is the gas/spirit of the Fallen which resembles a cloud or wisp of air. Combining these 2 parts was a main focus.

Above you can see the first primary design of the Fallen. The vertices are being created, and we can see a general shape of the character. For now there are no details in the body or the tail.

As the 3d design continues, we see the upper body taking more shape. Muscles show up and the personality of the Fallen is evident.

Note that in the above pic we have not put on the belt, so the division between upper and lower body is too drastic. This needs to be updated.

Now we have added our first cloth sash or skirt for the Fallen.

This first skirt was not the style we wanted, and it seemed to feminine for the male character. It also did not have the ragged, wild style we wanted for the Fallen. So we came up with a few more options.

Above and below we have a few examples of 2nd and 3rd iterations of the Fallen’s skirt/sash.

Note the more aggressive, cool look versus the first example.

Above we see the examples that we drew up.

At this point we had finished the base mesh of the Fallen. However 2 things to note:

The tail was not yet finished, as it looked too boring and was not enough of a “ghost” or “cloud” look. We need to fix this.

Also, every Fallen needs a magical lamp. So let’s get to it.

The base mesh of the first lamp. Simple and to the point.

We added a few more details to the lamp, getting it ready for the Fallen’s smoke tail to exit from the tip.

A few images of the Fallen along with the colored lamp. The character is getting there at this point. A few touches left.

Our first attempt at updating the tail to be a whispy, cloud-like texture. Some changes would need to be made here, but it was a good start.

Also notice the tail and lamp are rigid (for example they do not wrap around like a typical Fallen’s tail). This is something we worked on as well.

Some final development and rigging work on the Fallen.

In a few days we will highlight our ___________ character. Any guesses?