Ranger: Class Abilities

Ranger: Class Abilities

The Ranger.

Rangers are masters of damage from afar. They are sharpshooters who cause pain and anguish to their enemies with their pinpoint accuracy.

Rangers are in touch with nature, and can form great relationships with pets and animals throughout Midirim. They are able to create and share a bond with many types of animals. As a result, Rangers can tame animals and turn them into pets.

But don’t let a Ranger’s sweet-animal-loving side fool you. They can rain a barrage of pain and suffering onto their enemies.

Rangers, being the skilled marksmen that they are, can wield a variety of weapons including bows, guns, swords, and more. Their abilities focus mostly on ranged attacks but also include crowd-control abilities which trap, immobilize, and displace their opponents.

A ranger in the development team’s asset testing environment.

Ranger Abilities


Aimed Shot
You take aim carefully, launching a precise shot. Deals 120% ranged damage. 1 second cast.

Spread Shot
You launch a spread of projectiles in a cone in front of you, dealing 60% ranged damage to all enemies. 1.5 second cast.

Bear Trap
You place a trap on the ground, stunning any enemy who steps on it for 3 seconds, and dealing 130% ranged damage over 8 seconds.

Heavy Artillery
You use a powerful shot dealing 50% ranged damage, pushing your target back 6 yards and stunning them for 1 second. 2 second cast.

Rapid Fire
You unleash a flurry of shots at your target, increasing your auto attack speed by 30% for 10 seconds.

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