Mist x JUN Capital

Mist x JUN Capital

The Mist team is proud to announce strategic backing and partnership with JUN Capital, who focuses on investing in and advising top-tier crypto projects and tech companies seeking investment and strategic partners across Asia and the world.

We are excited to bring JUN Capital into the Mist family and hope to engage collaboratively and successfully. A big thank you to the JUN Capital team for everything so far, and here’s to the future.

About JUN Capital

JUN Capital is an investment platform for proactively sourcing, screening, syndicating and managing equity and crypto investments by Asian investors into high-potential technology companies from China, United States and Israel; and for leading ecosystem-based, crypto-token offerings from around the world.

A Global Team With Trusted Local Presence

JUN Capital consists of a team of highly experienced, regionally-trusted, and locally-connected partners, senior advisors, advisors, and thought leaders that proactively source high-quality investment opportunities and token offering projects.

They provide investors with a deep telescope into the world’s three leading innovation ecosystems across multiple emerging and converging technologies; including blockchain and the rapid evolution of crypto-financing.

JUN provides technology companies and token offering projects with access to Asia’s largest markets, financial centers and their investors.

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