Mist NFT - 1st Edition NFT Sales Finish and Recap

Mist NFT - 1st Edition NFT Sales Finish and Recap

After a fun, exciting, and lesson-filled week, the first sales on the Mist NFT Marketplace will come to an end tomorrow. And this set of 1st Editions (along with the launch of the marketplace) will go down in Mist lore as a groundbreaking event that the “Mist Veterans” will have been a part of.

In this article we will cover 4 things:

  1. The conclusion of this 1st Edition NFT marketplace
  2. Asia-specific flash sale for 1st Edition NFT Items and 
  3. End of 1st Edition Character Class NFT offering
  4. Recap of Desktop Client Launch and Lessons Learned

Conclusion of Marketplace

The 1st edition NFT marketplace will end tomorrow at 12:00 noon UTC, and will end sooner as items sell out. After 12:00 noon this set 1st Edition NFT items and character classes will not be available again.

Asia Specific Flash Sale for 1st Edition NFT Items

At 14:00 Philippines time (06:00am UTC) on Wednesday there will be a very small final sale of this set of 1st Edition NFT items. This sale is designed for the Asia community which had issues joining the first sale, but also will be open for anyone else who had technical difficulties.

  1. Twin axes (Vengeance and Mercy) 
  2. Staff (Staff of Leixran)
  3. Wolf (Viridis Lupus)
  4. Bear (Ember Ursus)
  5. Shield (Shield of Agrazzak)
  6. Deer Mount (Stag of Mozuer)

The sale will take place only on the Desktop Client along with the Character Class NFT sale, during peak Asia time.

What is different this time? 

Our desktop version was stress tested and functional. Therefore players can download and prepare hours before the sale. Players now have the opportunity to download the client and make sure it works. This will also prevent overloading of the servers like last time and remove the unfair advantage of some people connecting earlier than others.

A very limited amount 1st Edition NFT items, mounts, and pets will be available for sale during the peak Asia times. These six 1st Edition items will never be sold again. This sale is much smaller and will be highly limited.

The sale will take place only on the the Desktop Client along with the Character Class NFT sale, during peak Asia time.

Overview of the Desktop Client Launch

Over 53,000 players joined the browser-based launch, and over 41,000 players successfully downloaded and joined the Desktop client launch. 

And we must remember this is the V1 client, which will be undergoing a lot of improvements and upgrades.

While the installation steps of the client could use some upgrading, the (v1) Desktop Client launch was very smooth, effective, and functioned very well for all of the technical aspects that it needed to perform. Purchases worked great. NFT upgrade systems worked great. Wallet connectivity in-game worked great. And data pulling from the blockchain to the in-game UI worked great.

Very, very few UI and graphical bugs came up and were fixed almost immediately. Servers, while slow due to demand, worked up to standard.

However we understand that in the technical world nothing will ever be perfect. But we are listening to the Mist family and are striving to improve all of our systems. We are taking away 2 big things that we will work on to fix moving forward:

  1. Desktop Client installer was a bit clunky and difficult for some players to install. We will make this easier to install and more user-friendly.
  2. Server speed will be upgraded, as users may have experienced slow download time which prevented them from entering the marketplace on time and being unable to purchase NFTs.