Mist Metaverse, Sandbox Gameverse Framework, and Augmented Reality

Mist Metaverse, Sandbox Gameverse Framework, and Augmented Reality

In this article we will give you overviews of the Metaverse, the Sandbox Gameverse Framework, and the Augmented Reality functionality of Mist.

We will not release all of the info about these features here. But we will give a solid overview of what is to come. This article will be very wordy, and we will save new videos and screenshots for later. We have shown a few videos and screenshots in our previous posts, so feel free to check them out there in the meantime.

We will likely r

Mist has entered the Metaverse and Augmented Reality age. We are positioning ourselves to be at the forefront of this technology on-chain.

Mist will still remain an MMO RPG P2E game. But there are many other parts to our ecosystem now.


Mist has been in development for over a year now. The first sketches and ideas began in late 2020, and we went live in early 2021.

Since then, the team has grown, the scope of the project has grown, and we have gone through multiple re-designs, re-vamps, and changes. Each of these changes has taken time, but our team never doubted the need to grow and adapt to changes in the market.

The Development Diaries we have started sharing will show much of the work we do behind the scenes — things that we may not have shared over the past few months. But the truth is, our team has been working like crazy, and we have many things ready to announce… when the time is right.

Two of these news are that (1) Mist Metaverse and Gameverse Framework is here, and (2) Mist is now a legitimate player in the Augmented and Mixed Reality space.

These two things have been in the works for a LONG time. We did not want to announce them. We wanted to keep them secret. We wanted to surprise our community. But the market has shown that Metaverse is the future. So we were forced to announce early. And that’s fine. We have much to show.

What is a Metaverse

“Meta” means “beyond”, and “verse” means universe. So “Metaverse” literally means “Something that is beyond our regular universe”.

In our case, the metaverse is a digital world in which players can own assets, create things in-game, purchase real estate, connect with others, make friends, and enjoy an experience.

The word “metaverse” comes with many negative ideas. We hope and urge players to use our metaverse responsibly. We want people to remember that gaming can be fun. Gaming in the metaverse can be fun AND you can earn tokens.

However we strongly urge people to remember that there is a world outside the metaverse, and your humanity should remain in the real world. We are fully against, and will not implement, any of the negative (and enslaving) ideas that may come with a typical metaverse.

Think of the Mist Metaverse as any other gameverse. The only difference is that you can earn tokens, own land and dungeons, and earn tokens while you play a game.

Mist’s Metaverse Framework Features Summary

Mist’s Metaverse, Sandbox Gameverse Framework, and Augmented Reality systems have many features. But here is a summary:

  • Player-created sandbox dungeons. Other players can join that dungeon. When monsters are killed, and loot is earned, the owner of the dungeon gets a percentage of that loot.
  • Players can own land in-game. When others kill monsters or earn loot on that land, the land owner gets a percentage of that loot.
  • Mist Gameverse Framework will offer an easy drag-and-drop framework for people to create minigames, dungeons, and secondary games in the Mist metaverse. These minigames can earn players tokens, and the owner of the game will receive a percentage.
  • Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality systems will come with 3 initial games on mobile. Players will ultimately be able to earn tokens via these games.
  • The first Mist Augmented Reality (Mist AR) game will allow players to choose a character class, and fight enemies on their camera screens. Shoot fireballs, sling arrows, and swing swords to kill monsters.

Why Metaverse?

This is a very philosophical and deep question. We will try to answer it in a short way:

People play games, and they don’t get paid. We want people to play games and earn tokens for their time. We think it is a way to allow people to enjoy gaming, while not being enslaved and wasting time.

The metaverse and sandbox gameverse allows us to do this.

Secondly, we see that technology and humankind is moving to such a mindset. People are becoming more digital, and are looking for more immersive ways to interact with games, with blockchains, and with crypto. The metaverse is a place where gaming (fun) is mixed with work (earning tokens), and also includes a social aspect. It is a mixture of a lot of things combined.

Thirdly, we want players to be able to have more ownership of this digital world that we are creating. By allowing players to create their own sandbox dungeons, to purchase and earn tokens from their land, and own NFTs, we are really creating a decentralized ownership world in Mist.

We won’t forget that Mist is a project for the people, by the people. This ownership and sandbox metaverse will allow this decentralization to flourish.

Features: Mist’s Metaverse and Gameverse Framework

The Mist Metaverse will allow a LOT more ownership and decentralization of the game world.

The Gameverse Framework allows players to easily create sandbox dungeons, minigames, and more to earn tokens.

  • Sandbox, user-created dungeons that can earn creators tokens when others play their dungeon
  • Players can join others’ dungeons and play through them
  • Sandbox-style minigame creation (MOBA-style, single player, and more) that can earn creators tokens
  • Land ownership in-game is more than NFTs. Buying land in prime locations (where there are a lot of monsters or high-value loots) means you can earn tokens whenever monsters are killed on your land

Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

Augmented and Mixed realities will likely be a huge step forward not only in gaming, but in metaverse technologies in general.

The world will slowly transition to a place where the digital combines with the physical — and your Mist NFT items will be included.

We have shared a few teasers of our Augmented and Mixed Reality system here: https://twitter.com/MistNft/status/1454518321940942848

However this AR Framework will be turning into something much larger. The AR systems will allow us to bring you 3 initial minigames. You will be able to use your mobile devices to experience Mist in Mixed Reality, fight monsters, and bring a new level of immersion to our ingame and out-of-game metaverse.

Next Steps

Over the next weeks we will release more info and footage of our new systems. Remember, we do have a release schedule for these things so stay tuned for new updates. We expect the next updates to be regarding some Metaverse AR Minigames.