Dev Diary 4: Goodbye Asset Packs and Hello Redesign Progress

Dev Diary 4: Goodbye Asset Packs and Hello Redesign Progress

In this Dev Diary, we will show some of the asset re-design and specific new models we have created.

We will go over some old redesigns, as well as a few new items. We will be releasing more items in the next week, so stay tuned. We will focus on about 2–3 items per diary.

While we did like the old “low-poly” design, we are happy to do a customization of the entire Mist game.

Check out the process below.

  • Summary
  • The Axes: Vengeance and Mercy
  • The Shield: Shield of Agrazzak
  • The Staff: Staff of Leixran
  • Non-NFT 2-Handed Claymore Sword
  • Non-NFT 1-Handed Sword

These ancient and mysterious weapons grant the user a chance to be blessed with a runic essence granting increased attack power. Upgrades increase the chance to obtain the buff and increase the attack power bonus.

The older Vengeance and Mercy showed sharp edges, with wooden handles. You can see that we updated the edges, gave it a more warrior look, and changed the glow to red.

We also improved the glow effects.

The wielder of this mythical shield will be granted a chance to cheat death. Upgrades increase chance to cheat death.

The shield now looks more professional, with darker shades of wood.

The red eyes glow and emit a dangerous, yet calming red light. The shield is ready to go to battle.

The Shield used to be basic, blocky, and not custom. The red eyes were not as distinct, and the overall feel was more “metal” instead of “wood”.

This mystical and energetic staff grants users increased vitality and spell damage. Upgrades increase the spell damage bonus.

The staff now looks polished, and more magical. The powerful crystal at the top is ready to cast magic and disarm enemies.

We retain the wooden aspects of the staff, and keep the mystical, wandering-wizard vibe. We wanted to keep it wooden for this reason.

The old staff also was not bad, but we are happy to make the updates and customizations. Instead of the crystal being held by metal “claws”, the wood itself keeps the crystal in place.

The 2-handed claymore sword is a more powerful sword than the 1-handed sword.

It has stronger attacks and deal higher damage per hit. This sword is what strong melee attackers will want to use to deal the most damage possible. The downside is that you can not wield a shield, so your defense will be lower.

We debated a bit about which color to make the wraps at the bottom of each sword, and may end up changing them.

For example below we see the different colors of wrap and handle. Which do you think is best?

There will be many swords in Mist. Some will be common, some will be rare. Below we will show the more common sword types.

This sword will allow a balance of attack while allowing your character to wield a shield. This will allow attack and defense.

Below you can see the last changes we did (small but important changes). Can you guess what it is?

Yes, that’s right. The handles were changed from Silver to Gold, and the wrap was made black instead of brown. Which do you like more?