Character Class NFTs, New Adventurer Class, and Marketplace Recap

Character Class NFTs, New Adventurer Class, and Marketplace Recap

In this article we will give an overview of three things:

  • 1st Edition character Class Airdrop Event and Sale
  • New Adventurer Class
  • Recap of our Marketplace launch (highlights and lessons learned)

1st Edition Character Class Airdrop Event and Sale

We will be running an airdrop event and winners will receive a Character Class NFTs. 5 lucky winners will receive these character class NFTs and will be able to use them to play various classes in-game.

The Character Class NFT Airdrop event is now LIVE below:

Character classes in Mist will allow you to experience different gameplay, different spells and abilities, and different roles in-game. You could play as the default adventurer and focus on certain attacks and abilities (which will be strong), or you can use the Character Class NFT items to create characters of different classes.

Some classes will be strong melee fighters. Others may be strong spellcasters. Others may be ranged fighters, and so on. Each class will have a different feel, gameplay, and immersion experience. Each Mist player can play the default “Adventurer” class, and can grow to be strong and powerful. However if they would like to take on more specific roles they will need the NFT Class token.

For example, if you will want to play the Shapeshifter class, you will need to use a Shapeshifter NFT to unlock that class. Note that character class NFTs can be obtained in-game via ultra-rare drops (with ultra low drop rates) and will be burned every time they are upgraded to higher Tiers.

New Class: Adventurer


Today we also announce a new playable character class, which will require no NFTs to play (but can use NFTs to upgrade spells and abilities).

The Adventurer. A jack of all trades with access to spells from each class. Self sustaining, diverse, and unpredictable. They can use a variety of abilities in different situations making them elusive opportunists.
While other classes will only have spells specific to their class, the Adventurer will have access to a few spells from everyone.

The adventurer class will require no NFTs to begin playing. The adventurer class will have access to a few spells and abilities from every other class. For example they will have a few Crusader spells, a few Witch Hunter spells, a few Shapeshifter spells, and so on.

They will be able to improve the power of all of their spells with class-specific NFTs. So they can have Legendary Tier abilities from each other class.

For example: The adventurer has 2 spells from Crusader and 2 spells from Enchanter. If the adventurer has a tier 2 Crusader NFT and a tier 3 Enchanter NFT in his wallet, his Crusader and Enchanter spells will be 3% and 6% stronger. This is the beauty of the Adventurer.

Every player will be able to play as an Adventurer, regardless of whether they have NFTs or not.

Upgrading Character Class NFTs and Pricing


Firstly, the Character Class NFTs will now be sold for $MIST and only $MIST.

The Character Class NFTs will be available on the marketplace later this week (we will announce a hard date shortly). The price for each Tier 1 Character NFT will be 3,000 Mist.

There will be a limited amount of each Character Class sold.

Each upgrade of your character class NFT will increase the damage and effects of your abilities by 3%. Character class NFTs can be upgraded in the same way that all other NFT items can be upgraded, and with the same costs. If you want the strongest “Crusader” in-game, it will need to be Legendary Tier.

This means that a Tier 2 Crusader will have 3% stronger attacks than the Tier 1 Crusader. And the Tier 3 Crusader will have 6% stronger attacks than the Tier 1 Crusader, and so on. A tier 5 Legendary Crusader will have 12% stronger abilities than Tier 1.

1st upgrade: From Tier 1 to Tier 2
-2 of the Tier 1 NFTs
-2,000 MIST tokens

2nd upgrade: From Tier 2 to Tier 3
-2 of the Tier 2 NFTs (equivalent to 4 Tier 1 NFTs)
-4,000 MIST tokens

3rd upgrade: From Tier 3 to Tier 4
-2 of the Tier 3 NFTs (equivalent to 8 Tier 1 NFTs)
-8,000 MIST tokens

4th upgrade: From Tier 4 to Legendary Tier
-2 of the Tier 4 NFTs (equivalent to 16 Tier 1 NFTs)
-16,000 MIST tokens


Crusader 3000 MIST. Tier upgrades increase ability effects by 3% each time. Crusaders are tenacious warriors sworn to service in exchange for a share of their god’s celestial power. Self-righteous and stubborn, Crusaders use superior physical prowess and divine gifts to shield their kin from the influence of godless beasts and fight to reclaim control of sacred lands. Armed with devastating melee weapons and an unshakeable conviction, Crusaders charge fearlessly into battle with the knowledge that in death, their valor will be greatly rewarded.


Witch Hunter 3,000 Mist. Tier upgrades increase ability effects by 3% each time. They are trained to track and destroy evil with chilling accuracy and relentless cruelty. Obsessed with eradication of the unnatural, these merciless assassins let nothing stand between them and their prey. Witch hunters go to great lengths to learn how to use their opponents’ abilities against them, combining powerful ranged attacks with artful defensive spells to ward off enemies.


Enchanter 3,000 Mist. Tier upgrades increase ability effects by 3% each time. Enchanters are gifted with natural psychic abilities and powerful, analytical minds. With dedication to honing their practice, they can be capable allies or deadly foes — depending on whether or not they deem you to be worthy of their companionship. Enchanters harness an impressive inventory of spells and illusions to manipulate the very fabric of reality and outsmart their opposition.


Ranger 3,000 Mist. Tier upgrades increase ability effects by 3% each time. Equipped with profound ancestral knowledge, Rangers are skilled at harnessing the power of earthly divinity to manipulate the forces of nature. Rarely spotted beyond the bounds of the magical forests from which they hail, Rangers are never without their faithful but mysterious canine companions. These adept martial artists are experts at mastering new weapons and fighting styles, frequently changing their tactics to match their opponents in combat.


Shapeshifter 3,000 Mist. Tier upgrades increase ability effects by 3% each time. Shapeshifters are skilled alchemists who use the ancient knowledge of a long-forgotten civilization to craft potent elixirs that imbue them with the ferocity of the wild. Taking the form of cunning natural predators and unexpected critters alike, above all else, Shapeshifters are masters of gaining the upper hand in any situation. Shapeshifters use forceful multi-target attacks and savage melee abilities to dominate the battlefield.

Recap of Marketplace Launch

We were humbled by the support and participation from our community during last Friday’s NFT Marketplace go-live. For the first time the community was able to experience the Mist gameplay and universe.

Running, rolling, and exploring around NFT Island was a first taste of Mist for most players, and the interactive NPCs and NFT sales system was tested and used for the first time. The NFTs sold out in mere minutes as players rushed to the NPCs to interact with them.

The NFT upgrade system was also implemented and players were able to upgrade the NFT tiers of their items. This system is being updated now and will be live again soon.

  • 53,000+ players joined from 77 countries
  • NFTs sold out in about 6 minutes from time of server launch (a few minutes of that was game loading)
  • NFT Tier upgrade system was implemented and used by players
  • Four servers worldwide were used
  • Choice of 6 in-game NFT items were available
  • Mist tokens were used to upgrade NFT Tiers
  • Multiple UI and in-game aspects were tested and notes taken.

Airdrop for 1st Edition NFT items: the airdrop winners for the NFT items will be released tomorrow at 2pm UTC on our Telegram channel.

Lessons Learned and Opportunities

Although we think (and think the community will agree) the NFT Marketplace launch was successful in most facets, we are always looking to optimize these systems. There are a few things that we think could have gone better:

  • Last minute change from BNB to WBNB was not optimal. However it was necessary due to a last-minute update to our smart contract. In the future better communication will be expected.
  • Mist token was used for upgrading NFT Tiers but needed to be used to purchase NFTs for more token utility. This has been addressed.
  • Of the 3 servers, 1 of them had very high demand and was slower, thus limiting some people from entering the marketplace on time. By the time they entered, the NFTs were already sold out. Communication needed to inform players they can use multiple servers. Also thinking of a plan to help those who were not able to enter Asia server on time — be assured the Asia community will not be forgotten.
  • NFT Upgrade system works just needs to be optimized and make sure the upgraded NFTs are more efficiently stored in database. All is good on blockchain, just optimizing on database side for the sake of UI and speed.